The Sessions


At Fit and Healthy Kids we specialise in encouraging your tots and children to get moving, making classes as fun and interactive as possible.

Each week we theme the class and explore all sorts of things in an active way, we may go into space, think about transport, learn about parts of the body or give a particular sport a go.

There are lots of pieces of equipment to use and try out too; from bats and balls, beanbags and skittles to balance beams and hurdles. The equipment will be used in a different way each session for example one week we may set up a multi station obstacle course with several pieces and the next week we may focus on a smaller range of kit and try out our fine motor skills.

We start each class with a warm up to prepare your child for physical activity, followed by the main session and a short cool down. Within the main session there will be a mix of traditional games e.g. using a dice to count and play ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’ or learning how to run a relay race as a team, followed by a selection of games and a series of tasks to explore.

The classes are fantastic for confidence building, making new friends, learning to share, take turns and listening to others. All the skills needed to progress through the Early Years and primary learning.

Your child will develop over a number of areas from agility, power and strength to speed, balance and muscle endurance. They will be able to progress through the tasks at their own rate and our Coaches will be able to demonstrate adaptions of the activities to make them more challenging!

We use many of the Early Years Learning Goals and the KS1 and KS2 guidelines in our sessions too, for example colours, numbers and shape recognition.

Classes are available from: 2- 3 years, 3-4 years. 

For a full timetable refer to the bookings area.

If you would like to try out a class, please contact  for availability.