We use many different types of apparatus, sports kit and equipment which we can bring with us.

The coaches teaching and developing our programs all have strong backgrounds in high level sports coaching as well as primary teaching which gives Fit and Healthy Kids the edge over other sports classes.

We believe in building confident, active children, where our activities encourage a life long love of physical exercise.

At Fit and Healthy Kids we know that there is no one size fits all, so we use a range of different sports and activities to develop lots of skills, such as:

Balance | Coordination | Speed | Agility | Hand-eye coordination | Stamina | Rhythm and dance movement | Social interaction | Team work | Learning through themes

Meeting key objectives from the EYFS and National Curriculum.

We adopt a ‘give it a go’ approach to everything we do, creating fun and social sessions where enjoyment and engagement are just as important as the skills and activity.

  • We encourage great social skills like team work, taking turns and supporting others with our fun games.
  • We build and develop fine and gross motor skills to enable children to reach their potential in a wide range of activities and sports.
  • Our fun themes help children to learn about the world around them, tying into the Early Years programme and KS1 and KS2.
  • We talk about staying active, healthy eating and incorporating activity into a daily routine.

Our classes include, but are never limited to:

  • Multi-skilled activity classes from 2 – 11 years old.
  • Junior Pilates from 4 years old.
  • Junior clubbercise dance classes from 7 years old.
  • Holiday classes, courses and drop in sessions.
  • Schools Programme