About us

About Keri
At Fit and Healthy Kids we love to be on our feet!  We are used to working with children and appreciate that each one grows and develops at their own rate. We positively encourage all children to take part in the sessions; we have a real ‘give it a try’ approach to everything.

My name is Keri and I am the founder of Fit and Healthy Kids. I am passionate about delivering fun and accessible sessions to the local community.

Fit and Healthy Kids came from a desire to encourage our young children to be more active, to develop a range of sessions where a Parent/ Carer can interact and have fun together. And a need for social interaction, developing confidence and providing classes where we can be a positive role model to our next generation.

My 3 children keep me active and on my toes! We are always on the lookout for new and fun activities to try. All the games and tasks in the sessions are tested out by my ever critical panel of experts!

In recent years I have also founded and run Fit and Healthy Mums.

About Vicky
I'm Vicky and I have always loved working with children. After finishing my Nursery Nursing Diploma I spent 12 years working as a Nanny in the U.K, France, Italy and Australia.

I now have two of my own precious little ones who are 4 and 2, they keep me very busy and active! I enjoy running and yoga in my spare time, and met Keri through buggyfit and enjoying postnatal exercise classes. We have run a few events together, including the Blenheim 10 km.

I am loving being a part of the Fit and Healthy Kids team and look forward to bringing lots of new ideas and games to entertain your tots!

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